An angry lorry driver sounds his horn continuously as he arrives at the Dover unable to enter the Port and leave the UK

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An angry lorry driver repeatedly drove in circles round a roundabout sounding his horn in frustration at the shutting of the Channel crossing and trying to force his way through.

The irate trucker was so enraged he could not get into the Port of Dover in Kent that he launched his own mini-protest by making a racket and annoying residents.

Footage showed the driver trying to force workers to let him through the closed entry road by driving towards them and continuously sounding the HGV's horn - only stopping right in front of the orange cones.

The incident happened at around 2.10pm today (Mon), as thousands of lorries were left stranded in Kent after the French government closed its border amid fears a new coronavirus strain is 'out of control' in London and the South East of England.

Operation Stack that sees many lorries parked along the motorway was implemented by authorities following the news that all freight and passenger traffic has been banned from entering France.

Due to last for an initial 48 hours, the ban was announced on Sunday evening but just after 10am the French government announced freight would be able to begin moving between the countries again "in the next few hours".

As a result many hauliers were left stuck on the M20 towards the port, unable to cross to the Continent.

And today, one driver tried to barge his way into the port, one eye witness said.

The man, who did not wish to be named, said: "It seemed he [the driver] was really angry he couldn't get through so was sounding his horn the whole time.

"People who live nearby and who were staying in the hotels were coming out and having a go at him because of the noise.

"Some people were threatening to throw roadwork signs at the driver because he kept going around the roundabout beeping the horn really loudly.

"A woman came out of the hotel in her dressing gown to see what was going on. One man threatened to throw a frying pan through his window if he didn't stop sounding the horn. The driver was making rude gestures to locals who came out to shout at him.

"At one point he appeared to drive at the workers on the gate, then slammed his brakes on at the last minute."

The ban on Channel crossings came a day after Kent along with London, Essex and parts of East Sussex were plunged into strict Tier 4 restrictions that effectively locked down the region.

Today only a couple of lorries appeared to be let through the blockade and allowed to cross the Channel to France, but many were still arriving this afternoon and were refused entry to the Port of Dover.

The witness added: "There seems to be a lot of lorry drivers turning up and not realising the crossing is shut. Some drivers have been arguing with workers at the gate but were then turned away."