Angry protesters scold UKIP candidate over Jess Phillips rape 'joke' in Weymouth

UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin was scolded by a group of angry protesters during his visit to Weymouth earlier today (May 17). Benjamin, who is standing in the European elections, tweeted that he ''wouldn't even rape'' Labour MP Jess Phillips and refused to apologise arguing that ''any subject can be subject of a joke''. Footage shows Benjamin arguing with a group of protesters and defending his 'rape jokes'. ''Someone is going to take this out of context and make me look bad. That is what is happening and you don’t know what you are talking about. You are being misled by the media,'' he says in the video. One of the protesters then scolds Benjamin. He says: ''What we have clearly heard you say today is that you will continue to make jokes about rape if you think it’s funny.'' And Benjamin replies: ''Yes, if I am in the appropriate context as I make jokes about other things.'' ''Jokes about rape are unacceptable,'' says another protester who then shouts 'shocking' as she covers her face with her hand in disbelief.