Angry swarm of wasps attack drone

This is the moment an angry swarm of wasps attacked a tourist's drone in a forest in Thailand. The creatures spotted the flying object as it was being flown by tourists near their tree in Bangkok on November 22. Soon after, dozens of insects flocked to the equipment, alternately striking it with their sting. Footage shows the furious wasps chasing after the electronic as amused tourists controlled it from the ground. Tourist Piyawat Piyawatchalavijit said: ‘We wanted to capture the view from the top, so we used a drone. We did not expect that the wasps would be disturbed.' Piyawat added that when the drone flew past the tallest tree, the swarm emerged. He said: ‘We didn't know there was a nest nearby. I called my friends to come out and watch.' The tourist had to fly the drone around to shake off the wasps before landing it on an open field where they took a closer look at it. He said: ‘It had a lot of sting marks. My drone was white so the stings were obvious. So scary.' The drone, however, was not damaged while the tourists returned back to their lodge after the incident.