Animal Fun At Zoo Ahead of Dinosaur Attraction, UK

Animals at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo have had a colossal surprise this week, when evidence of a dinosaur invasion appeared in their enclosures.

Summer visitors to the UK’s largest Zoo will soon be transported to Zoorassic Park, a prehistoric world where they will come face-to-face with immense, moving and roaring dinosaurs, and zookeepers were keen that the animals didn’t miss out on the fun.

Primate keepers built a ‘dinosaur nest’, containing replica dinosaur eggs, on the squirrel monkeys’ island home, for the ever-curious monkeys to investigate.

Meanwhile, penguin keepers dug a huge, T-rex footprint next to the penguin pool for the Zoo’s Northern rockhoppers to waddle around.

Primates Team leader, Hayley Jakeman said: “Providing our animals, especially curious, playful creatures like monkeys, with plenty of new things to explore and investigate is a really important part of our job."