Animals Evacuated From California's Mosquito Fire Moved Closer to Home

Animals evacuated to Nevada due to the Mosquito Fire burning in Northern California were moved back closer to home in Placer County on Tuesday, September 13, according to officials.

The animals, which were previously evacuated to the Nevada County Fairgrounds, were moved to the Gold Country Fairgrounds. Thirty staff members and volunteers helped to move nearly 200 animals including horses, goats, and a llama, according to Placer County officials.

The Mosquito Fire had burned 63,776 acres by Wednesday, September 14, according to official reports. The fire was 20 percent contained and had destroyed 64 structures and threatened approximately 5,848 homes, the Placer County Sheriff said. Credit: Placer County Animal Services via Storyful

Video transcript


- We just wrapped up a long day of moving all of our animals from the Nevada County Fairgrounds back down to Placer County at the Gold County Fairgrounds. It was an excellent opportunity for us to bring our evacuated animals closer to home where their owners can come and visit them, pick them up easily when evacuation orders are listed, and our staff can provide the care that they require.

It's been an exciting day. We've moved horses, a llama, some goats and some dogs here. And, overall, during this response we've taken in almost 400 animals from our community members to keep them safe. Our staff and our volunteers have been on hand to make sure that dogs are being walked, horses and goats are being fed, and that everybody is safe and comfortable. And today went as smoothly as it possibly could.

Our shelter itself does have several evacuated animals there, and that's where our veterinary clinic is and our staff is. And so making this move where we can be closer to home and share those services together has made things much simpler for us. And, hopefully, it brings relief to the owners who are missing their pets.

A huge thank you from Placer County Animal Services to our partners in Nevada County. Nevada County Animal Control, the Nevada County Animal Evac Team, and Gold County Fairgrounds for making this possible and keeping things running as smooth as possible for folks that are stressed about their animals. Your animals are safe and they're well cared for.