AnnaLynne McCord’s epic curls could be yours

AnnaLynne McCurl — er, McCord — has an exquisite mane of hair. Her curly locks are enviable not only because they look flawless, but because they are natural, to boot.

The Let’s Get Physical actress was asked about how she keeps her hair looking so good during Wednesday morning’s episode of The Morning Breath. Fans were most interested in asking the 30-year-old actor what her routine is every day.

“It is a process,” McCord admits.

Pressed for the secret of her signature look, McCord advises, “Curls need moisture, people.”

As she walked the co-hosts, Jackie and Claudia Oshry, through the daily process, the former 90210 star shared, “The key for me is I shampoo and condition at night [and] I air dry while I sleep. When it’s damp after towel drying, I emulsify whatever cream you use — styling cream, curling cream, or whatever.” As for what McCord uses, “I like palm oil, because it’s the closest to our natural oil.”

She describes a scrunching motion without using her fingers, until the hair is a little dryer. “As it starts to reduce the amount of product on my hand, I get more into a scrunch, and I kind of lift and squeeze.”

Much like Elle Woods, McCord advises that you “Lift and squeeze and smile.”

Lacking in the natural curls department? The hair queen lets you in on a fashion runway secret. “For girls who don’t have curly hair, there’s an amazing technique with the curling iron, which we’ll do to clean up pieces.”

Describing the motions required for perfecting the look, McCord explains, “It’s like a figure eight, and there’s actually tools for it.”

“Any of us can have curls — that’s the little runway trick.”

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