Annapolis Boaters View Aftermath of Flooding

Sailors viewed the aftermath of flooding that hit downtown Annapolis, Maryland, on Saturday, October 12, the result of “a tropical storm parked off the coast of New Jersey,” officials said.

Unusually high tides caused by Tropical Storm Melissa left many Annapolis docks underwater, city officials said, and many streets were closed to vehicle traffic.

The National Weather Service issued a coastal flood warning for the Annapolis area on October 12 and 13.

Local authorities warned boat owners to check their vessels after high tides on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

“As the waters recede, it is important for boat owners to check boats regularly,” Annapolis Harbormaster Beth Bellis said in a statement. “Many boats may be floating above the piers or lifts where they are docked … As water levels return to normal, boats could have become lodged on fixed structures or other boats.” Credit: Kimberly S Parr via Storyful