Anne Frank Halloween costume pulled after web backlash

Laurence Mozafari
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From Digital Spy

Human history features a long line of bad ideas, including noteworthy entrants such as an American spin-off of The Inbetweeners and that time HMV fired the person who still had access to their Twitter account, who then began live tweeting about their redundancy.

But trumping all those (no, we're not going after him this time) is a new Halloween costume which decided to focus on literary hero, iconic historical figure and Holocaust victim Anne Frank.

The product description on began by explaining, "We can always learn from the struggles of history", which is kind of ironic.

"Unfortunately, World War II shook the world in a way that no one could have foreseen. It showed us what true and mettle were. It created some unexpected heroes, where even a young girl like Anne Frank with nothing but a diary and hope could become an inspiration for us all."

Well, now they've commoditised their approximation of what Anne Frank would have worn, your youngling can emulate one of the millions of Jews who were soullessly killed in the Holocaust, while collecting sweets along other kids dressed as Captain America, for the affordable price of $24.99.

Soon the website was bombarded with criticism after users on social media pointed out how ludicrously inappropriate this outfit was for Halloween.