Anne Hegerty mocks Nick Knowles as she gets boot from I'm A Celebrity

Emma Powell
Happy: Anne Hegerty leaving the jungle: ITV

Anne Hegerty mocked Nick Knowles after she was voted out of I'm A Celebrity.

Hegerty, aka The Governess, poked fun at Knowles' belief that the 1969 moon landing was fake.

Speaking about her relationship with the DIY SOS presenter she said: "I'm a sad person with no life. My life is sitting indoors reading at a computer and not experiencing things. I'm like the anti-Nick.He goes out but he still reads books."

Declan Donnelly said: "But he doesn't believe any of it."

Terrified: Anne Hegerty takes on the Hellish Hospital (ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Hegerty quipped: "I may still need to convince him we did go to the moon - but he believes in evolution."

But despite the jibe she tipped Knowles for the jungle crown.

Hegerty was ecstatic to be voted out after finding herself in the bottom two with John Barrowman.

She revealed she begged to leave the show less than 48 hours after the reality of life in the jungle hit home.

Close friends: Anne Hegerty with Nick Knowles (ITV)

"It was awful at the beginning," she said. "I couldn't process it. The reality suddenly hit me and I thought 'I can't remotely do this'. I went into the [Bush Telegraph] in the morning and said 'I quit'."

She called viewers "lunatics" for keeping her in so long but said she was happy to have had the experience and to meet her fellow campmates.

"There's not an awful lot of female quizzers and most of them are men," she said. "But everyone was just so lovely. When Rita [Simons] went I thought 'no, not Rita'. She was way younger than me but she was like my mum."

She said she will miss them "terribly" but that they have already pledged to set up a Whatsapp group.

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