Anne Hegerty to star in new sitcom Gammon

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Anne Hegerty has landed a role in a sitcom credit:Bang Showbiz
Anne Hegerty has landed a role in a sitcom credit:Bang Showbiz

Anne Hegerty is set to star in a sitcom.

The 64-year-old TV personality has been cast as a weary housekeeper in a new sitcom called 'Gammon', which centres on two dim brothers.

Anne - who is best-known for starring on 'The Chase' - told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "Being on 'The Chase' is the best job I’ve ever had but I’d love to do a bit of acting.

"I would like to be funny. Our writer Adam [Bostock-Smith] has written a sitcom called 'Gammon' about these two dim brothers who live together. I’m the housekeeper and I’m the only sane person in the place.

"We don’t know what channel it will be on yet, but there is a full script for the pilot episode and an outline for the first six episodes."

Anne revealed that she also leans on Adam for her funny lines on 'The Chase'.

She shared: "You’ve got to have a laugh. And Adam’s brilliant. I always try to use as many of the funny lines he suggests as possible."

Meanwhile, Anne previously revealed that lockdown saved her from a breakdown.

The TV star explained explained that lockdown allowed her to take a step back from her working life.

She said: "By the time lockdown came in, I was so burnt out, I'd had something like three colds in the space of five months because I was rushing around from place to place and suddenly having sobbing fits in the car.

"I really was, because there was just so much on my plate, there were so many things I was planning on.

"I look now at my diary for the beginning of last year and I think, 'Well, you kind of were about to have a breakdown.'"

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