Anne Keothavong: Former British No1 set to join Wimbledon's main committee

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Getty Images for LTA
Getty Images for LTA

Former British No1 Anne Keothavong is set to join Wimbledon's main committee as its sole BAME representative.

Both Wimbledon and the LTA were criticised earlier this week by former Wimbledon finalist Malivai Washington for the lack of diversity on its respective boards.

Andy Murray responded by saying, "Tennis in 2020", but Wimbledon are believed to have already been acting to address that imbalance.

Keothavong is expected to join the 12-person committee before the end of this year as one of four new representatives.

Wimbledon's committee rotates its make-up every year with four new members coming in and four leaving their posts. At present, just four candidates have been proposed ahead of next month's AGM.

New chairman Ian Hewitt had pledged to increase diversity at the All England Club and a female chief executive in Sally Bolton has been appointed to replace the outgoing Richard Lewis.

In a statement, Wimbledon told the Daily Mail: "The AELTC is delighted that Anne has been nominated by the committee to join the main board."