Anne-Marie: Airbrushing can cause personal damage

Safeeyah Kazi
Stay away: Anne-Marie says she tries to avoid airbrushing: Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty

Singer Anne-Marie has spoken about her struggles with her body image — saying photo filters and airbrushing make people feel like they can’t live up to “edited” versions of themselves.

The 27-year-old songwriter, full name Anne-Marie Nicholson, has released new single Perfect To Me to help combat the pressure on young people to live up to unrealistic expectations.

She told A-list: “Photoshop and filters are just so easy that it becomes a habit and it ends up not being about what other people see you like, it becomes about what you see yourself like.

“It’s personal damage. When you go out, if you don’t look the same, it’s embarrassing. Although it seems to be for other people, it’s actually for you. I just try to stay away from it. If you are happy with the way you look then you wouldn’t put that on.”

Unrealistic expectations: Anne-Marie wants to help youngsters feel confident (Getty Images)

Opening up about her own body-image battles, the Friends hitmaker added: “I think for me I always wanted to try and find what that comfortable feeling was, even when I was skinny I wasn’t comfortable so something was wrong.”

Anne-Marie, right, told how she is hopeful the song will help people deal with their insecurities by saying them aloud.

She added: “I tried to show people you shouldn’t be perfect for someone else because they haven’t got the same definition as you. It took a long time. I still have issues with what I look like. I have bad days.

“When you talk to other people you get another perspective on it.”

Anne-Marie headlines at the O2 Brixton Academy on November 22 and 23. Perfect To Me is out now