Anne Marie EXCLUSIVE: 'Too much politics at festivals will get boring!'

When Jeremy Corbyn rocked up to Glastonbury no one thought his speech would attract the biggest crowd since the Rolling Stones in 2013.

Anne Marie on stage at Capital FM’s Summertime Ball with Vodafone held at Wembley Stadium, London.

He’s not a singer, musician or artist of any kind, so how come the crowd didn’t mind him using the biggest music event in the festival calendar as a giant political podium?

Yahoo Celebrity asked one the hottest singers around, who actually performed at Worthy Farm, Anne Marie what she thought and like many other younger voters, said she thought Corbyn created ‘an amazing moment’.

Jeremy Corbyn and Michael Eavis on the Pyramid Stage

The Ciao Adios hitmaker said: ‘I think the kind of people Corbyn attracts is a younger audience and he felt it was right to speak and they obviously loved it.’

However, the 26-year-old singer added that there’s a time and a place and festivals should be about music.

She added: ‘If politicians spouting off was to keep happening then maybe it would become too much. If there was to become a stage at Glastonbury just for politicians it’d be a problem maybe. And a bit boring – though it does depend on the politician. I love Jeremy Corbyn I think he’s amazing.’

Clean Bandit perform with Sean Paul and Anne-Marie during Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball

Anne-Marie burst onto the scene last year when she featured on Clean Bandit’s No1 single Rockabye. Platinum of hair with a proper London accent, she’s likeable, cheeky and humble. And as a Londoner, she said the recent Grenfell Tower tragedy, that affected ‘friends of friends’, has left her ‘devastated’.

She added: ‘I’m still gobsmacked and I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. But it’s really wonderful to see everyone  come together… but the fact it happened hurts my soul.’

In the last year Anne Marie has started getting recognised more and more, she said, and finds it ‘scary but wonderful’.

‘I’m always nice, I couldn’t be horrible! I met someone who has my signature tattooed on them and another girl had my logo as a tattoo  – it’s wonderful that my music has connected so much with them.’

On Sunday she will support Justin Bieber  at Barclaycard presents British Summer Time in Hyde Park.

You can also catch Anne Marie at Lovebox and V Festival.