Anne-Marie feels 'really proud' of her BRITs comeback

Anne-Marie feels proud of how she bounced back credit:Bang Showbiz
Anne-Marie feels proud of how she bounced back credit:Bang Showbiz

Anne-Marie feels "really proud" of how she recovered from falling at the BRIT Awards.

The 30-year-old pop star fell on stage during the opening moments of her performance in February, but Anne-Marie has told Cosmopolitan UK that she feels proud of herself for bouncing back.

The singer shared: "The ankle's alright! It's not too bad. It's better than what I thought it was going to be ... I thought it was going to fall off, the direction it went in. No, it's OK.

"I'm surprised I was even able to walk and carry on the performance. I was just really proud that I did that."

The '2002' hitmaker subsequently received lots of support from her friends and family.

And Anne-Marie can now look back at the incident and laugh about what happened.

She told Cosmopolitan UK: "Everyone was so nice about it. Afterwards, I was so emotional because everyone was so positive about it and being kind to me, that I was actually crying more about that than crying about what actually happened.

"[The memes] were making me laugh so much, I couldn't not post them."

Meanwhile, Anne-Marie admitted that she's become much more philosophical about her career in recent years.

The chart-topping star confessed to agonising about small issues as a young pop singer.

Asked what advice she'd give her younger self, Anne-Marie said: "For me, it would be a lot about ... I was always worried all the time. And that is so stressful and draining and time consuming, because you think worrying is going to make things better or be able to fix things before they happen. But it's so pointless.

"To be honest I've only just figured that out - it's not even to my younger self, it's to myself two years ago. Realising how short life is, and having the most fun possible. That's what I'd say to myself."

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