Anne-Marie: I had doubt the whole time during first series of The Voice

Anne-Marie has admitted she did not feel “worthy” of being a coach on The Voice UK during her debut last year – despite eventually winning the series.

The pop singer, from Essex, said she experienced doubt “the whole time” after joining the ITV singing competition alongside returning stars, Sir Tom Jones and Olly Murs.

But speaking ahead of her second series, the 31-year-old said the process showed her she had the required knowledge to help the contestants and deserved to be there.

Asked about the hardest part of her role on The Voice UK, Anne-Marie said: “I’d say last year, it was probably my own issues of feeling not worthy of it.

“When I got it, when I was called and they said we would like you to do it, I was like what, really, me?

“So I had like a doubt the whole time, like am I worthy of this, have I got stuff to give to people that they can learn from?

“So for the whole of last year I was going through the process when most questions I’d get asked I had something to say and something to give, and it was almost like this experience was helping me as well as the people on the competition, so I think by the end of the competition and the end of the show I was like oh wow, I do have knowledge, I do have stuff to give to people.

“So coming back that’s what I have changed about myself, I know that I deserve to be here so having that confidence actually makes me a better coach.

“So I am hoping that I can be better than last year really.”

Anne-Marie said winning the 2021 series with Scottish singer Craig Eddie was her “standout moment”.

She added: “I think that’s obvious, but I also think the first day when I stepped out and met the other coaches and sat in that chair, was a really big moment for me because I pride myself on being a good person and in the music industry, sometimes you don’t really get seen as a person, I think you just get seen for your voice, and I try and put my personality out there as much as I can and I’m trying to do good all the time.

“When we started the show and people online and in the audience and at home started saying ‘Oh Anne-Marie is so nice’, I think that was a really happy moment for me because people started seeing me for me and not just singing on the radio.

“So that was a really big thing for me to experience.” said Anne-Marie was “well in form” for the coming series and “not feeling as nervous” as she had been during the previous run of episodes.

“She was victorious her first season so she’s super dialled in,” he added.

The Voice UK is set to return to ITV on Saturday September 3 at 8pm.