Annotated solutions for Genius 217

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One or more letters in all across solutions are ignored in their clues’ wordplay and one or more consecutive letters in all down solutions are also ignored in their clues’ wordplay. Highlighting all these letters (across and down) will reveal the puzzle’s theme.


1 Devout beliefs I see wavering with it (7)

5 One crime investigator’s probing first question likely to reap rewards (5,2)

10 Edinburgh’s spots seem half-hearted (6)

11 See 31

12 Singers of Jerusalem regularly updated site (4)

13 Nana undressed a girl I’ve just met (3-5)

14 This chap’s not experienced unrestrained anger (6)

15 Take two thirds off one’s weight (3)

16 Heads off home now, say? They’re smart! (7)

18 Inside of weed, a marine invertebrate (3,3)

20 Statements of belief taken to heart by the old (6)

22 Toughen up Kent-Sussex games (7)

24 Heartless, we go to court (3)

26 English city’s head is backing one of those in Eastern Europe (6)

28 Mass (small one) moulded after noon without needing to break sweat? (2,1,5)

30 Extreme cycling to herald with waves? (4)

31,11 Jackpot helps to sustain old administrators of capital (3,3)

32 United a failing church body, turning square (4,2)

33 Sweet vermouth rejected, without drinks (7)

34 The instrument Eric Clapton originally put back in case (7)


2 Temperature plummets from heading up to spleen (3,6)

3 A body part that’s front or back (5)

4 Kilmarnock’s initial shot from range at Ibrox finds net (7)

6 Extremely unpopular young rascals (7)

7 To demote one from cryptic wording (9)

8 Happening to confirm (3,2)

9 Emissary was deserted by cardinals (5)

17 Back to basics: those following do put up veterans (3-6)

19 In connection with provocation, jailing a kinswoman (5-4)

21 Spend a penny, then several more on sugar (7)

23 Comfort, it’s said, raised bar (7)

25 Up in Riverside, Zinfandel flowed (5)

27 Into it at intervals, even if the reverse applies? (2,3)

29 To illustrate, raised subject of history (5)

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