Annotated solutions for Prize 28,548

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9 araucaria AURA (anag) + C(irca)/ARIA

10 Ouida A/D<I>UO (rev) [pseudonym of Maria Louise Ramé]

11 Allen chALLENge [Woody Allen]

12 Acton Bell ACT ON BELL [pseudonym of Anne Brontë]

14 Any Rand A + NY (rev) + RAND [d. 1982]

17 alias A + SAIL (rev)

19 cue Q (hom) [le Carrë MI6 character]

20 model MODEL [one who poses]

21 artists (w)AR/(i)T/(l)ISTS [Jacques-Louis David; Augustus John]

22 Brendan B<REND>AN

24 Mark Twain TWAIN after MARK (Gospel)

26 Lewis CS Lewis & Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson), both Oxford dons

28 grant/Grant double def (but Cary Grant was born Archibald Leach)

29 disembody M (le Carrë’s MI6 head) in SIDED BOY (anag)


1 gaga/Gaga double def A/GAG (rev)

2 gallic GALL/1/C(hapter)

3 scenarists N(ame) in ACTRESS IS (anag)

4 create CR<(plum)E>ATE

5 last name LAST + E(nglish)/MAN (rev)

6,13across John le Carré author’s pseudonym on all his spy book covers

7 vineyard IN AD VERY (anag)

8 Paul Pope PAUL [six so far, but only two JOHN PAULs]

13 Lhasa L<HAS>A [Los Angeles]

15 nom de plume Molière is pseudonym of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin

16 Dylan Bob Dylan took his name from Dylan Thomas

18 internal N(ame) N(ame) I LATER (anag)

19 costards (tinne)D in CO-STARS

22 Banksy BANKS + Y (unknown)

23 Dowson DOW<SO>N [Ernest Dowson, d. 1900]

24 mega A/GEM (rev)

25 Tito IT(rev)/TO

27 stye ST/(trick)Y/(puzzl)E [Paul and Brendan are both Saints]

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