Another one for the album from John Fordham, master of jazz writing | Letters

Herbie Hancock in concert during the 2017 London Jazz Festival. Photograph: Michael Bowles/Rex/Shutterstock

Thank you for publishing John Fordham’s photo at last (Sparks fly as Europeans reinvent the jazz age, 14 November). He’s one of the most perceptive reviewers at the Guardian and yet he gets so little space for his jazz pieces. So I’m glad to know what he looks like, especially because I’ve collected every one of his reviews over the last 10 or more years, and pasted them into an album. His choice of sharp phrases is most refreshing: “the cauldron of jazz”, “eerie ghost dance”, “desolate long tones”, “multiple virtuosic limbs”, “falsetto choral purity”. His background information keeps me up to date. Whenever I feel like a reviving dose of jazz, my album offers a vast number of choices. Good stuff, John.
Maurice George
Ormskirk, Lancashire

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