Another Traitors player banished after dramatic roundtable

Traitors star Paul said he has “fallen on his sword” as he was banished from the show after his fellow traitor Harry led a witch hunt against him.

In dramatic scenes on Thursday’s episode, numerous players pointed the finger towards the 36-year-old business manager after suspicion was raised about his defensive behaviour.

It marks the second traitor to be caught in a row after Miles was banished from the smash hit BBC show in Wednesday’s episode.

The Traitors
Paul has been banished from The Traitors (Mark Mainz/Studio Lambert/BBC)

During the roundtable discussion on Thursday, faithful Charlie kicked it off by throwing suspicion onto Charlotte, but defended herself by saying she believed was still in the game due her alliance with Paul.

Harry, who is the only original traitor left, also turned the heat on Paul by saying: “I feel like you overcompensate so when it comes to people who accuse you, (you) jump on to telling them how you’re a faithful and you don’t allow them a chance to breathe or think.

“And you’re the biggest personality outside the room and as soon as it comes to a roundtable, you’ve been quiet until it’s being a traitor and you seem to then stick you neck out.”

The 22-year-old British Army engineer let further traitor secrets out by referring back to when banished traitor Ash and Paul strategically placed themselves in the dungeon alongside faithfuls Andrew and Meg to throw off suspicion.

He also said he had heard Paul had brought up his name on the way back from the challenge, which he said sounded like a tactic of “chucking names out to cause chaos”.

A number of other contestants admitted they were wary of Paul, while others said they were suspicious of faithful Jaz.

At the vote, it was a tight call between the two but Paul received the most votes overall and so was banished from the game.

After he revealed his true identity as a traitor, the faithfuls shouted with joy that they had eliminated another.

The Traitors
Harry remains the only original traitor (Mark Mainz/Studio Lambert/BBC)

Following the vote, Harry explained: “He had to be voted out and I guess I sort of took the reins and now everyone is voting me for president.”

Afterwards, Paul said: “I played it as best as I could and I think even little Harry’s learnt a bit from the way that I was playing it because the way he has taken me down in that moment was just perfect, so I’ve fallen on my own sword.”

However, two traitors still remain in the competition as it was revealed at the start of the episode that Andrew had agreed to be recruited as a traitor as he felt if he turned down the offer then he would be “murdered”.

When it was unveiled that Harry and Paul were traitors, he said he was “lost for words” as he did not suspect them.

Insurance broker Andrew also admitted he was not happy to be chosen as a traitor as he felt they had selected him to be a “scapegoat”.

Following his reaction, Harry and Paul both admitted that they may have made a mistake in picking him.

During their challenge, the contestants had to use a crossbow to shatter stained glass windows panes which had each of the players’ names embossed on them.

They were tasked with breaking all of the panes and the player’s name that was left would get a shield which would protect them from being murdered.

The group started with a pot of £7,000 and every time they missed the glass, £100 would be deducted.

At the end, the last two names left were that of mental health manager Charlie and disability model Mollie, with the latter winning the shield and the final prizepot was increased to £60,150.