The answer to the ‘egg prick’ question

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<span>Photograph: Michael Sullivan/Getty Images</span>
Photograph: Michael Sullivan/Getty Images

Stephen Walkley (Letters, 11 August) asks what an “egg prick” is, after I mentioned it in a letter. An unkind friend suggested, when my letter appeared, that it’s someone who writes letters to the Guardian about eggs. In fact, it’s a gadget that makes a tiny hole in an eggshell, thereby preventing the shell from breaking while the egg is being boiled. I now see that it’s marketed as an “egg pricker”, which is probably a safer name for it.
Steven Burkeman

• Another way of dealing with the anger many of us are feeling (Letters, 11 August) is to read Michael Rosen’s I Am Angry as many times as necessary. Once calmed, we can either go to bed (as the no-longer-irate kitten does) or find better ways of dealing with the root causes than kicking inanimate objects.
Ruth Eversley
Paulton, Somerset

• It’s time for the Guardian to encourage a new production of Dario Fo’s play Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay to be shown around Britain. We saw it in the 70s and still remember the anarchic response to a play about housewives who rise up against rapidly increasing food and energy prices. Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss could be offered bit parts.
Roger and Lesli Day
Wedhampton, Wiltshire

• Is Keir Starmer still on holiday? Surely he should be making hay while the sun shines.
Melanie White
Reading, Berkshire

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