Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway board game riddled with embarrassing errors

Well, nobody said that they were experts.

Quiz hosts Ant and Dec have been left red faced following the discovery their Saturday Night Takeaway board game is riddled with errors.

Ant and Dec (Photo: WENN)
Ant and Dec (Photo: WENN)

Fans of the BAFTA award winning ITV show splurged £19.99 on the game in the hope it would bring them hours of quality family fun over the Christmas period.

But eagle-eyed players had their fun cut short when they spotted huge blunders in the multiple choice round, called “Win the Ads”.

The round sees participants answer as many question as they can, quickly, from 50 cards. We all hate to be wrong, right? And when the goal posts have been moved…

Disgruntled gamers took to Twitter to moan that many of the answers were actually incorrect, invalid, unsound… faux!

Oops. But it wasn’t a one off.

German scientist Albert Einstein was said to have died in 1949 instead of 1955.

And another card asked players ‘Which of these is greater? Three squared or two cubed?’ before wrongly circling ‘two cubed’ as the answer.

Meanwhile, this next gaff was too obvious to miss.

According to The Sun newspaper, one card claimed that the moon, in space, is the same distance away from Earth as London is to Blackpool. That is 225 miles.

Uhm, sorry, what?

A quick google, or jaunt on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic space shuttle – if you can afford it – will tell you that the moon is, in fact, 238,855 miles away.

Not everyone was unhappy with the family game and makers Paul Lamond Games has promised to replace incorrect cards for free.

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