Ant and Dec prank This Morning’s Alison Hammond in SNT premiere

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Ant and Dec prank This Morning host on SNTKieron McCarron - ITV

Saturday Night Takeaway spoilers follow.

Saturday Night Takeaway returned with a bang in tonight's (February 25) season premiere, seeing This Morning's Alison Hammond staying at a "haunted" hotel.

With former Doctor Who star David Tennant serving as the Guest Announcer, the new episode featured a prank on Hammond, who had to spend the night at a perfectly quaint inn which Ant and Dec had 'spooked up' for her visit.

Upon her arrival, the presenter was greeted by an actress playing a receptionist, who assigned her a lovely room and explained the hotel had been in her family for generations.

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The receptionist proceeded to show Hammond several urns containing the supposed ashes of her loved ones, freaking out the host before she had even stepped inside her room.

Of course, the bedroom was filled with a collection of creepy dolls, which were enough for Hammond to almost ruin Ant and Dec's prank as she bolted out. The hosting duo had to resort to call Tamsin Eames, Hammond's producer on This Morning, who managed to convince her to stay and took her for a very interesting dinner.

At the hotel's restaurant, Hammond told Eames the place was haunted, but the producer brushed her concerns off.

Ant and Dec dialled the dread up when they remotely controlled one of the urns, which fell off the mantlepiece, spreading ashes everywhere. Hammond's face was priceless as viewers noted on Twitter.

"I have an affinity with spirits," she then proclaimed in an effort to convince her skeptical friend.

The host tried to communicate with the hotel's ghosts to prove Eames she was right. As soon as she asked for a sign of their presence, Ant and Dec made the lights flicker.

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After dinner, it was time for the grand finale. The presenters had rigged Hammond's room, building a fake wall and installing a two-way mirror.

Alone in her room, Hammond was constantly looking over her shoulder. When the phone rang, startling her, she won her initial hesitation and picked up.

That's when the lights flickered again and Ant and Dec appeared in the mirror as pale ghosts, causing Hammond to scream. The host could breathe a sigh of relief when Ant and Dec revealed it'd been just a prank, and the trio hugged.

"You absolutely got me. That was so good," Hammond said, adding she'd never been more scared in her entire life.

Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway airs on Saturday nights from 7pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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