Ant and Dec on their worst celebrity interview from SM:TV days

ant and dec
Ant and Dec's worst celebrity interview from SM:TVKieron McCarron - ITV

Ant and Dec have revealed the worst celebrity interview from their SM:TV Live days.

The duo have had many hosting gigs over the years — I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, Britain’s Got Talent and Ant and Dec to name just a few. But before all of this, they hosted SM:TV Live.

Obviously, not every interview can go smoothly, so when they were asked by HuffPost UK about the worst celebrity interview from their SM:TV Live era, they both said singer Christina Aguilera.

ant and dec
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They also said Jennifer Lopez was lovely, but her rider — a list of things celebrities would like in their dressing rooms — was what threw them off.

"I remember Jennifer Lopez coming down and seeing that whole thing about having six dressing rooms and room-temperature Evian – all the riders and stuff," said Dec.

"She was really lovely, but yeah, it was a big old stink around the studio: 'She needs this, she needs that'," he added.

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They also reminisced about how SM:TV Live had a rocky start before they managed to get Sting on the show.

"The first kind of [big] guest we had on was Sting," Ant said. "I think he agreed to do it because we were Geordies.

"And as soon as we got him, other people started saying: 'Oh, if Sting's been in it, then I'll do it'. And in the end, everybody who was anybody was on the show."

I'm a Celebrity will return later this year for an All-Stars series on ITV1 and ITVX.

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