Ant McPartlin eager for all-star I'm A Celebrity series

If this year’s ultra-chummy I’m A Celebrity love-in has left you pining for more bitchy times, presenter Ant McPartlin might just have the answer to your prayers.

Janice Dickinson and Christopher Biggins/Rex Photos

The 41-year-old presenter has admitted he’d love the show’s bosses to put together an all star version of he show, featuring the most bonkers campers from series gone by.

“We’ve had so many brilliant, brilliant people on there,” he told BBC Three Counties Radio. “Sometimes we talk about how it would be brilliant to do a Best Of and get some of the jungle Kings and Queens back. A champion of champions.

“And also some of the contestants that were great but didn’t win. We’ve had so many genius people over the years.”

Keep your phone switched on, Janice!

Janice Dickinson/Rex Photos

Would you believe that Ant and Dec have been hosting I’m A Celebrity for an incredible 14 years now? Frightening. But anyway, Ant insists they still love the show just as much as they did at the start.

“We’re like you, we love the show. We love presenting the show,” Ant said. “We get obsessed by the celebrities. We’ve got a little portakabin, our office is in the middle of the jungle.

“We have a telly on the desk we share and we’ve got a quad split camera – we’ve got eight cameras which we can split between and we just watch them.

Carole Vorderman/Rex Photos

“Sometimes we spend 20 minutes just watching Carol Vorderman brush her hair in the mornings.”

Whatever floats your boat, Ant.