Ant Middleton angry with former Channel 4 bosses

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Ant Middleton has criticised Channel 4 bosses for dropping him from SAS: Who Dares Wins credit:Bang Showbiz
Ant Middleton has criticised Channel 4 bosses for dropping him from SAS: Who Dares Wins credit:Bang Showbiz

Ant Middleton has vowed to "never" work for Channel 4 again after he was axed from 'SAS: Who Dares Wins'.

The 41-year-old ex-military man was let go from the show in March 2021 for his "personal conduct" which included posting controversial tweets about the Black Lives Matter movement and allegedly making inappropriate comments during shooting to some female crew members with Channel 4 stating that the "decision not to renew Ant Middleton’s contract and not to work with him again was solely based on his personal conduct off-camera".

Now, Ant has blasted his former bosses, branding them "w*****s" over their decision.

Addressing his fans on his ‘Mind Over Muscle’ speaking tour, he said: "W*****s! No, no, no, they’re not w****rs. They’re ****s. I’m never working for that channel again, am I? F*** it.”

The army veteran believes that Channel 4 got rid of him from the reality show - which he had fronted from 2015 until his exit in 2021 - because they were kowtowing to “political correctness”.

He continued: “Now, my job as Chief Instructor was to run the narrative on the ground, on the course.

“The production company run the narrative behind the scenes, run the show, mix the two together — and voila, you get 'SAS Who Dares Wins'.

“Now, when that process starts to get diluted you’re gonna lose the authenticity of the show.

“When political correctness or box-ticking exercises filter into an authentic process, it’s gonna take away the authenticity, it takes away the realness.

“For something we’ve been through, that we sacrificed through, that’s something we’re gonna butt heads about every single time.”

Ant's Twitter post which attracted criticism read: "When did two wrongs make a right … BLM and EDL are not welcome on our streets, absolute scum”

In addition to this, he also instructed people to ignore public health measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, writing that the virus would not “dictate his life” and calling those that followed the UK government's rules “sheep”.

At the event, Ant also said: "I do not care what you do have, or don’t have, swinging between your legs. I don’t care what gender you are, I do not care the colour of your skin. What I care about is: Can you do the job, yes or no? That’s what I care about. And when they wanna push so and so to the forefront, or so and so to the forefront, then we have a problem and that’s when I start butting heads, and that’s what happened with Channel 4.”

Ant is now working as the Chief Instructor on 'SAS Australia: Who Dares Wins' - which broadcasts on the Seven Network - and loves it because of the freedom the network heads give him.

His replacement on the British edition is Rudy Reyes - a 49-year-old former US Marine - who is currently filming the latest celebrity season in Jordan.

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