Anthony Anderson Returned To Movie Set After Hurting Himself, And He Made Some On-Brand Jokes About His Injuries

 Andre smiling in a tux on black-ish.
Andre smiling in a tux on black-ish.

Anthony Anderson has put in great performances and, in the process, he's repeatedly proven that he's a versatile actor. He's a performer who can do laugh-out-loud comedies or hard-hitting dramas. He hopped aboard the action thriller G20 earlier this year after replacing Jamie Foxx on the Fox game show We Are Family. The actor has really committed to his new action star status and, in doing so, he ultimately sustained an on-set injury. Following some time away from the set, Anderson jumped back into filming after hurting himself, and of course, he made some on-brand jokes about his injuries.

What Happened to Anthony Anderson On The Set?

The public was altered to Anthony Anderson's situation when he took to his Instagram account to let fans know how he was injured while filming a stunt for the action thriller. The 53-year-old actor shared a photo of himself lying on a hospital stretcher and gave the details on the matter while also getting off a quip or two in the process. He captioned the post, saying:

I spent the night in the emergency room. Movie set fight gone wrong. Me against two goons and a chair! Guess who didn’t win! Who needs a stuntman? Me that’s who! I’m not as young as I used to be!

The star seemingly wanted to take on his new action role with gusto but, unfortunately, the two stunt actors and the chair won the battle this time. The veteran actor humorously couldn’t hold back his hostility toward the chair. If you want to see his injury and post in its entirety, check it out below:

The black-ish alum seemed to be in good spirits despite suffering the on-set injury. While his situation didn't seem too bad, the accident was serious enough for medics to get on the set and whisk him away to the emergency room. It's good that the situation wasn't as bad as some other on-set movie accidents have been, and good on the Hustle and Flow actor for checking in to let his followers know everything was fine.

What Did Anthony Anderson Say Upon Returning To The Set?

Anthony Anderson didn’t waste much time cracking jokes after getting cleared by the hospital to return to the G20 set. The Primetime Emmy Awards host was ready to get back to work when he posted on his Instagram. Unsurprisingly, he dropped some funny snapshots, as he rounded up the supposed culprits involved in his injury Look at the Hollywood actor’s hilarious return to set in the post below:

So he hopped right back into doing stunt work after his on-set incident, it would appear. Fortunately, this time, there wasn’t too much heavy lifting on his or the chairs’ part. However, it seemed those chairs in the post were only accessories to the incident, as the Barbershop actor pointed out the actual culprit in a follow-up Instagram post. He said about the orange and black print chair:

This is the chair that whooped my ass last night! Something about it is menacing! It sucker punched me in the kidneys and back with no mercy! When I got on set today it was grinning at me! Little does he know I got something for that ass! He gone learn today!

Well, at least, the game show host got a chance to confront his "attacker." (I think the set piece had it out for Anthony Anderson from day one.) One would think that this will serve as a learning experience for the jovial star as he furthers his work in the action genre. And here's hoping that the rest of production goes smoothly for him and everyone else in involved in the film.

Speaking of which, G20 also stars Oscar winner Viola Davis as well as Anthony Anderson's black-ish co-star, Marsai Martin. A release date hasn’t been announced yet but, in the meantime, keep your eyes peeled on the 2024 movie schedule, which includes upcoming action movies.