Anthony Mackie's funny response to seeing Captain America action figure: 'Looks more like Jamie Foxx'

Anthony Mackie appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Monday, and while there, the newest Captain America got to see his action figure for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier for the first time. Colbert actually had two action figures, and left one in the box to “keep it cherry.” But he took the other one out of the box so Mackie could get a better look. While Mackie was delighted, he made one hilarious observation.

“From this distance, it looks more like Jamie Foxx than me,” Mackie said, laughing.

Despite thinking the action figure looks more like Jamie Foxx than himself, Mackie is happy with it.

“That’s dope,” Mackie said. “That’s dope.” Asked if it felt good, Mackie replied, “Yeah, that’s amazing. I hadn’t seen it yet.”