Anti-abortion protesters' signs destroyed in video by man shouting 'this is bull****'

Harriet Agerholm

Footage of a man destroying a pro-life stall at a Texan university has been shared thousands of times online.

In the video, a pro-choice protester is seen apparently swearing at an older man before throwing and kicking nearby anti-abortion signs.

At one point the older man says: "It's freedom of speech", to which the younger man says: "No it's not, man, it's wrong."

Emma Brockway, 20-year-old student who filmed the encounter, told The Independent: "I was walking to class and saw the pro-life people there and then saw this guy walk over there and start attacking the signs.

"Anti-choice people have come on our campus many times. This is not the first time (Texas State University) students have had to deal with extremists."

Several Twitter users commented on the video in support of the counter protester, while others spoke in the support of the pro-life campaigner's right to express himself

Shiloh wrote: "Free speech means you're free to offend people. I'm pro choice but he's allowed to voice his opinion. no matter how wrong he is."

Ms Brockway added: "I understand their concerns and while the younger man's response was not exactly how I have reacted to the anti choice group's signage in the past, I believe (he) did what many of us secretly wish we could do.

"These people are constantly on our campus, telling us we're going to hell, and I think he finally snapped."

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