Anti-government protests continue in Peru's capital Lima as President Boluarte calls for peace

Peru's President Dina Boluarte has called for dialogue as anti-government protests continue to shake the country. Demonstrators are demanding her resignation, immediate elections and the dissolution of the country's Congress.

The protests follow the impeachment of former President Pedro Castillo last month after a failed attempt to dissolve Congress.

Although Wednesday's protests were mostly peaceful, around 50 people have been killed so far during demonstrations which started in early December.

Boluarte said the deadly violence experienced recently should be solved with peace and democracy:

"The political crisis that Peru is experiencing could transit through the path of violence, death and destruction, or it can be solved in peace, dialogue and democracy, in the way the OAS and our region has always favoured," she said.

One demonstrator said people on the streets are calling for justice for those who died in protests outside the capital Lima:

"This is what we are requesting, justice for all the brothers who have lost their lives," said Juana Quispe, "and we also request no more massacres in the town of Juliaca, in the Puno department, we are struggling."

Another claimed Castillo had been treated badly since leaving office:

"The people are right. Peru must rise and support the brothers coming from the provinces because they (the government) are abusing Mr. Pedro Castillo, they have jailed him." said Betty Torres.

Many demonstrators are Castillo's supporters.

New impeachent possible

On Wednesday, 20 lawmakers signed a request for Boluarte's impeachment. Under Peru's laws, at least 52 lawmakers need to sign the petition for it to be debated in Congress.

Pedro Castillo, a former teacher and farmer, faced three impeachment trials before being removed from office.