Anti-lockdown protesters march through London's Oxford Circus & Regents Street

Thousands of people opposed to coronavirus restrictions marched through central London on Saturday 26 June in the 'Unite for Freedom' protest. A number of those in attendance also oppose vaccination. After leaving Hyde park at the corner near Marble Arch, the crowd marched down Oxford Street before heading down Regents Street towards Downing Street, where the Prime Minister has his official residence. It was one of a number of protests in the capital on Saturday, both against lockdown and about other causes, including Palestinian rights, austerity, the climate, a policing bill, transgender rights and even the politics of Iran and Kenya. The crowd's demands for a complete end to coronavirus restrictions were given added impetus by the news that the Health Secretary Matt Hancock had himself been breaching coronavirus restrictions in a tryst with an aide. He resigned this afternoon over the matter (Saturday 26 June).

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