Anti-Racism Protesters Block Intersection and Strike a Vehicle in Provo

Anti-racism protesters tried to block vehicles at an intersection in Provo, Utah, on Monday, June 29, with some grabbing onto a vehicle that passed through the crowd, according to local reports.

Footage recorded by David “Hootie” Hennessey shows demonstrators striking a vehicle after it drives through a crowd on University Avenue. A pickup truck can then be seen driving past the protesters on the road at a much higher speed.

Hennessey told Storyful that he initially went out to show solidarity with the demonstrators but said that “these protests were anything but peaceful.”

According to KSL TV, law enforcement are investigating two incidents after pro-police counter-demonstrators showed up to the event on Monday. In one incident, a protester was struck by an SUV at an intersection. Police are also investigating a report of two possible gunshots being fired.

Organizers of the demonstration said they intended to hold a peaceful protest. They also asked participants to wear face masks in order to keep people safe, according to local reports. Credit: David “Hootie” Hennessey via Storyful