Anti-social driving in Swindon neighbourhood leaving residents unable to sleep

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Residents of the Western parts of Swindon have been kept up at night by the sound of antisocial drivers
(Photo: Canva)
Residents of the Western parts of Swindon have been kept up at night by the sound of antisocial drivers (Photo: Canva)

Residents are fed up with anti-social driving taking place so late they cannot sleep.

Louise Hillier is one of many residents in west Swindon that has been kept up by loud drivers at the Bridgmead Sainsbury's car park.

She said she and her two sons have experienced anxiety and insomnia due to the loud drivers and police sirens.

As both Louise and her oldest son suffer from anxiety, she said that the noises and police sirens made this worse.

"The police could definitely hear it due to the fact that they have a police point next to the link centre so I would have expected some action from them to resolve the issue," she said.

"West Swindon has become quite noisy. It's a real shame people aren't more considerate.

"Every second Thursday, The Ridge has an excessively loud band too so that's another night when we have to close everything and can't sleep and that's also a school night."

The noise is being heard far and wide, with residents reporting being disturbed in Grange Park, Freshbrook and Ramleaze.

Roger Ogle from the Shaw Residents Association is another resident who has suffered from the long nights of hearing the cars screeching around the car park.

He argued the reason for the noises comes down to there being 'too many roundabouts' in the area.

"Insufficient attention is given to the rapid, screaming acceleration from a roundabout followed by the exhaust popping and banging as brakes are applied. And the noise can be heard over a wide area," Roger said.

"I don't think people have much confidence in the police being able to do much about the noise issue.

"But, you can be assured, they know all about it."

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said they had received several phone calls on Sunday night, but were unable to attend at the time.

"Unfortunately, there was a high demand on our officers, who were dealing with a number of other incidents including a high risk missing person, so we were unable to attend the location until around 10.45pm," they said.

"At that point, there were a large number of vehicles in the Sainsbury’s car park, which then dispersed, with one motorist being reported for careless driving."

They added they were aware of the problem and are hoping to prioritise it as soon as possible.

They said that the Community Policing Teams and Roads Policing Units have been working together with local partners and have sought funding to try to stop the drivers.

Swindon Councillor Jim Robbins said if anyone has any video footage that might help the police identify the drivers, they are urged to send it to them.

Cllr Robbins said a chief police officer has been appointed and is meeting with local businesses to put restrictions in place to stop them from entering the car parks.

"Alongside this, they are seeking to discuss options with Swindon Borough Council in relation to safety and preventative measures that can be installed to prevent Great Western Way and surrounding areas to be enticing for such behaviour.

"Hopefully the action that the police are taking will have an impact soon."

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