Anti-vax father ignored court orders and took 7-year-old daughter from ex-wife to prevent her from being vaccinated, girl's mother says

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  • An anti-vax dad took his 7-year-old daughter away from her mother over COVID-19 vaccine concerns, the girl's mother says.

  • He has been holding the child in an undisclosed location for over 60 days, the girl's mother says.

  • He said on a right-wing show last week that he "couldn't let" his daughter be vaccinated.

An anti-vax father in Saskatchewan, Canada, took his 7-year-old daughter away from his ex-wife when she said she wanted to vaccinate their child against COVID-19, the girl's mother said.

Michael Jackson has been on the run with his daughter for more than 60 days after he did not return her to her mother following a mid-November visit, the girl's mother, Mariecar Jackson, told Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Mariecar Jackson told the network that the last time she spoke to her child was on November 21.

According to CBC, Michael Jackson has ignored two court orders from Saskatchewan judges requiring him to return his child to her mother.

Mariecar Jackson told CBC that she has no idea where her daughter is and that Michael Jackson has been holding the 7-year-old in an undisclosed location.

"We don't believe they are in the community any more," Jill Drennan, Mariecar's lawyer and director of Regina's rural legal aid office, told CBC. "She could be out of province. We simply don't know where she is. We are asking the public for help."

Despite being in an unknown location, Michael Jackson appeared on the conservative online talk show "Live with Laura-Lynn" to discuss the situation.

Michael Jackson said on the show that Mariecar Jackson has medical authority over their daughter based on their divorce agreement.

But he told host Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson that Mariecar Jackson ignored any communication he tried to initiate about the vaccine and later told him she would do whatever the government told her to do in regards to the vaccine.

Michael Jackson said that he took their child just days before the COVID-19 vaccine was approved for her age group in Canada.

"I just couldn't let it happen," he said.

While he spoke to the host, Michael Jackson's daughter could be seen trying to peek her head into the frame.

"I want everyone to see that [my daughter] is healthy, she's happy," Michael Jackson told Thompson.

She then weighed in on the COVID-19 vaccine herself.

"Because it can change your DNA and I don't believe God wants me to and it can make you sick and kill you," she said.

Meanwhile, Mariecar Jackson tearfully appeared on CBC to plead for the public's help to find her daughter.

"Mommy will never stop looking for you," she said in her CBC appearance. "Mommy loves you so much. Every day, I pray that some day you'll be home. I love you so much. Mommy is standing strong and some day we will be together."

Health Canada — the country's government health agency — and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have encouraged parents to get their children aged 5 years and older vaccinated against COVID-19.

"Vaccines help lower your child's risk of infection," Health Canada says on its website. "They work with the body's natural defenses to develop protection against a disease."

"If your child isn't vaccinated against some germs, they can get very sick," the government agency said. "This is because their immune system isn't prepared to handle the germs."

Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Regina Police did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

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