Anti-vaxxer claims jab contains 'nano routers' and 'parasites', at NHS anti-vaccine demo

In a bizarre rant at a protest in London on Saturday 22 January against mandatory vaccination, an anti-vaxxer claimed Covid-19 vaccines contain 'nano routers'. The man also claims the jabs contain 'parasites'. Neither claim has any truth to it. The claim that lipid nanoparticles in some Covid-19 vaccines contain tiny computers or robots is not uncommon amongst the most vociferous vaccine opponents, who have joined public health workers in a large protest against mandatory vaccination. Workers in the UK's National Health Service (NHS) are required to be vaccinated by April or they could face the sack. The need for a delay between jabs mean the process of firing what could be more than 70,000 as-yet unvaccinated staff could begin on 3 February.

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