Anti-vaxxer dies of Covid after mocking ‘experimental vaccine’

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David Parker (Facebook)
David Parker (Facebook)

An anti-vaxxer nightclub manager has died of Covid-19 after mocking people for getting the “experimental” vaccine.

David Parker, 56, passed away at Darlington Memorial Hospital in County Durham on Monday after contracting the virus.

He had no underlying health conditions.

Mr Parker tested positive for Covid-19 just weeks after denouncing the vaccine and warning of a “big pharma” conspiracy in a number of Facebook posts.

In one post on Facebook, Mr Parker, who spent a decade working as the manager of Club Louis in North Yorkshire, shared an image of an anti-lockdown protest in London, writing “brilliant” with a clapping hands emoji.

Other posts included a meme mocking people who post pictures of their vaccine card and an image of a man wearing a tinfoil hat with text written across it reading: “When you realise your tin foil hat has less aluminium than a vaccine”.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Parker once wrote: “I feel the need to post information on here for people that aren’t receiving another side to the story due to media not being impartial.

“When research is done into who finances the media it leads to the pharmaceutical companies. Who knows who is right or wrong. If I’m wrong I’ll hold my hand up but I will not stay silent.”

He also shared a link to a Facebook group called “The Unvaccinated Arms”, which tells its 22,220 members not to use the words “Covid” or “vaccine” due to “restrictions and posts being suppressed” by the social media platform.

It is unclear whether Mr Parker was a member of the group.

Following his death, Mr Parker’s family are urging people to get the jab.

Steve Wignall, a close friend of Mr Parker, told The Sun: “His family are devastated, they were very close and loved each other dearly.

“But despite their terrible loss they would like it to be known that they’re encouraging everyone to please get vaccinated because they don’t want others to suffer as they are now.”

Mr Wignall, who works as the director at Club Louis, fell ill with Covid on the same day as his colleague. He was fully vaccinated while Mr Parker had not received one dose of the vaccine.

He said: “He [Mr Parker] didn’t believe in it and he didn’t want it, it was out of distrust of the elite, frankly, and we couldn’t change his mind.”

In a statement posted to social media, Club Louis said: “It is with enormous regret that we have to announce the passing of our manager, David Parker.

“He was being treated for the effects of Covid but lost his struggle. On behalf of the whole Louis Family, we offer our deepest condolences to his family and friends, he will be sorely missed.”

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