Anti-vaxxers serve ‘legal documents’ citing ‘Nuremberg Code’ to NHS hospital staff

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Anti-vaxx protesters have filmed themselves handing bogus legal papers to staff at an Essex hospital, accusing them of “crimes against humanity” for their work tackling Covid-19

The footage shows a group of around half a dozen people at Colchester Hospital brandishing a brown envelope with “all of the evidence to prove the coronavirus is an absolute ‘plandemic’”. 

The term plandemic refers to a conspiracy theory that blames the Covid outbreak on the World Health Organisation, pharmaceutical companies and Bill Gates. 

The man, surrounded by several others who were filming the interaction on their phones, then claims Covid is “a hoax that you are operating illegally” and accuses a hospital worker who is being handed the files of “committing crimes against humanity”. 

“By continuing to enforce, and continuing to propagate this lie, you are essentially a part of that,” the man claimed.  

He also bizarrely claimed that “the pope is head of the businesses across the world” and that the pontiff had stripped NHS workers’ rights “in 2013”, meaning they could be “held in their personal capacity”. 

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Apparently included in the files handed to NHS staff was a copy of the Nuremberg Code, a set of principles developed after the Second World War which defined how medical research should be conducted.  

The first principle is that “voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential”, a phrase which anti-vaxxers cite when claiming that the Covid vaccines are “experimental” and therefore cannot attract the consent of those who receive it.  

The Independent contacted the East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust for comment.  

Healthcare workers have become a regular target for anti-vaxx protesters in recent months. 

In July, demonstrators at a “Worldwide Rally for Freedom” in London claimed they were compiling a legal case against those administering Covid vaccines, and compared NHS staff to Nazi war criminals.  

Kate Shemirani, who was struck off by the Nursing and Midwifery Council for spreading false information about Covid, said: “Ask those that are giving (the Covid vaccine), has there been any deaths. 

“Ask them what is in it. Ask them, get their names, you email them to me … with a group of lawyers we are collating that.

“At the Nuremberg trials, the doctors and nurses stood trial and they hung.” 

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