The antidote: your favourite reads beyond coronavirus

Chris Moran

In this series we’re listing the previous day’s top articles by reading time. You can read a little more about how and why we’re doing it here. Today’s list is for Monday 30 March.

‘It’s not what you think’: behind the star-studded life of a rock star’s wife

Jenny Boyd has two words for anyone who ever fantasised about marrying a rich and famous rock star. “Watch out.” She should know. In the 70s, Boyd married Mick Fleetwood twice. “If you’re going to be with someone who’s clearly an artist, who’s deeply dedicated to what they do, then you need something that you’re passionate about. Otherwise, you’re just an extension of someone else’s dream..”

My favourite game: Holyfield v Tyson, WBA heavyweight title fight 1997

‘Tyson’s frothing mouth had ripped the cartilage from the champion’s ear in a single chomp, and he then spat it like a dummy into the fetid air. This was no game. It was not even boxing. It was anarchy. I was maybe 20 feet away, alongside similarly gobsmacked colleagues. “What the fuck was that?” a nearby American writer said.’

The Real Michael Jackson review – how did he get away with it for so long?

“If you keep wondering what to think about Michael Jackson’s complicated legacy, imagine how Jacques Peretti feels. He has made three films about the pop icon in the past 15 years and in this, his fourth, he aimed to build the fullest picture yet. But how many of us are brave enough to confront that picture?”

Bohemian tragedy: Leonard Cohen and the curse of Hydra

“Once you’ve lived on Hydra you can’t live anywhere else, including Hydra.” The novelist Polly Samson pieces together the story of the island artists’ colony and the extraordinary couple who created it. “They drank more than other people, they wrote more, they got sick more, they got well more, they cursed more, they blessed more, and they helped a great deal more. They were an inspiration.”

The Beautiful South: how we made Rotterdam (Or Anywhere)

“I’d give anything to go back and live the success of Rotterdam again. You’re overly confident when you’re young. You think you’ve got all the time in the world and it’s going to go on for ever. It doesn’t. But since I started working with Paul again in 2014, it’s come around again. And as soon as the audience hears that opening riff, their reaction is absolutely lovely.”

6. Westworld recap: episode 3 – talkin’ bout a revolution?

Fugitive Dolores bonds with downtrodden Caleb as a rebel pair, with the aim of taking on baddie Serac.

7. Country diary: last of the winter reed

Wally Mason may well be the last person in Britain to cut thatching reed the traditional way.

8. Knight Rider v ninjas: how the wheels came off

The slick action series about a self-driving car ran out of gas in its ludicrous third season.

9. Lord Garel-Jones obituary

Conservative whip whom many held responsible for Margaret Thatcher’s downfall.

10. I’ve never seen … 2001: A Space Odyssey

Continuing our series in which writers fess up to – and rectify – gaps in their film education.