Antoine Winfield Jr. fined $7,815 for mocking Tyreek Hill during Super Bowl LV

Chris Cwik
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Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive back Antoine Winfield Jr. didn't escape Super Bowl LV without a fine. The NFL announced a $7,815 fine for Winfield on Saturday after Winfield taunted Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill during the Super Bowl.

The incident occurred in the fourth quarter of the contest. With time running out, the Chiefs failed to convert on a 4th down play. Winfield happened to be close to Hill after the turnover on downs, and couldn't help holding up a peace sign directly in Hill's face.

The move was petty revenge against Hill after he went off against the Bucs in November. During that November game, Hill caught a 75-yard touchdown pass from Patrick Mahomes. As Hill was scoring, he flashed the peace sign to Winfield, who happened to be the nearest defender. 

The Buccaneers — and Winfield — did a tremendous job against Hill during Super Bowl LV. Hill caught 7 passes for 73 yards in the 31-9 loss. The majority of Hill's production came with the game out of hand.

Antoine Winfield Jr. had no regrets after game

Following Super Bowl LV, Winfield didn't regret his actions. Winfield told Fox 26's Mark Berman the taunting was "something I had to do." The Bucs were penalized 15 yards for Winfield's actions, but the game was basically over at that point. 

Considering the Bucs won, it's going to be tough for Winfield to care about a $7,815 fine. While that's not a ton of money for an NFL player, Winfield is a rookie, so it may impact him harder than most. At the same time, maybe one the Bucs' veterans will step up and take care of Winfield's fine as a thank you for picking off Mahomes during the game.

Even if Winfield winds up paying the fine, it's unlikely to make him too upset. He's still a Super Bowl champion. Next to that, a fine means nothing.

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