Antonio Brown explains complicated relationship with Tom Brady: 'Brady can't do s*** by himself'

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown still has a lot to get off his chest about his time with the team. Brown added more to his side of the story during an appearance on the "Full Send Podcast" on Friday.

Brown covered multiple topics, including his sideline argument with Bruce Arians and frustration with his role. Brown also discussed his relationship with Tom Brady, which is more complicated than it publicly appeared.

The most controversial quote about their relationship involved Brown saying Brady "Can't do s*** by himself."

Brown made that comment after asking who was the best player on the Buccaneers. Brown implied it was him, though never directly said that. When one of the hosts said they were a huge Brady fan, Brown responded, "It's not about being a fan, it's about being a realistic human. That's what it's about, bro."

"Brady can't do s*** by himself," Brown continued. "But you guys are going to make it seem like he's just this heroic guy. Bro, we all humans, bro. We're all dependent on somebody else to do the job."

That quote reads extremely critical of Brady. Brown likely didn't intend to completely throw the quarterback under the bus. He was trying to get across the point that football is a team game, and Brady needs to rely on everyone — his receivers, his line, etc. — to win games.

That's true. It's also a bizarre decision by Brown to use Brady as the example. Brady does a good job making sure his teammates get credit.

Brown continued to discuss his relationship with Brady. He said the two were friends because Brown is "a good football player." Brown did not clarify if that was a good or bad thing, saying people define friendship in different ways.

Antonio Brown with the Buccaneers.
Antonio Brown was cut by the Buccaneers on Thursday. (Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Antonio Brown questions why Rob Gronkowski has a better contract

Brown hinted that he had some animosity with Brady, pointing out Rob Gronkowski — one of Brady's guys — received more money than Brown.

"If Tom Brady is my boy, why am I playing for an earnest salary," Brown asked. "You my boy, though, right? Gronkowski is his boy, right? How much does he get paid?"

When the hosts respond with "a significant amount," Brown said, "OK, so why is AB on a prove-it deal?"

Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht determines player salaries, not Brady. Brown, however, referred to Brady as the team's general manager.

Brown joined the Buccaneers after wearing out his welcome with his previous three teams. He also served an eight-game suspension in 2020 after being accused of rape and sued for assault and battery. All of those factors explain why Brown received a "prove-it deal" from the team.

Antonio Brown sheds more light on flap with Bruce Arians

Brown said he left the field after getting into an argument with Arians over "integrity." Brown, who repeated claims the team knew about his injured ankle before the game, said he was trying to remain healthy for the playoffs so the Bucs had the best chance to win another championship.

Brown also explained he felt betrayed by Arians, who had Brown's back all season.

“Imagine the guy who you think has your back, who you flew here with to do a mission, and they know your situation, and you get there and you’re battling with them, then he tells you that because you can’t go to war with him, he tells you to get the f*** out of there?” said Brown. “I’m an alpha male. If you discriminate on my public image and my name, at that point it’s f*** you too professionally.”

After waiting a few days, the Buccaneers released Brown on Thursday. He reportedly cleared waivers Friday, and is again a free agent.

Brown said he wants to continue his NFL career after being released.