'The Aeronauts': Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones Brave High-Flying Danger in New Trailer

Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones are once again co-starring in a film based on incredible real events.

On Thursday, a new trailer for The Aeronauts was released teasing a death-defying adventure in the name of science. Redmayne plays James Glaisher, a scientist who wishes to explore the possibilities of gas balloons in the 19th century. He enlists the help of Amelia Wren (Jones), a pilot to help him reach new heights in aeronautics -- and make history.

"I believe there are answers in the sky," Wren explains in the trailer. "Up there is where I have found the greatest happiness."

However, getting the pilot to help him takes some prodding on the part of Glaisher, who seemingly corners Wren at a lavish party to ask that she join him in furthering science.

After convincing Wren to join him on the gas-balloon expedition, viewers are shown some of the dangers the pair face as they traveling thousands of feet into the air including dropping temperatures and ferocious storms.

As the clip draws to a close, glimpses are shown of the toll the high-flying journey takes on the two. The balloon is covered in snow and ice as they attempt to survive the trip.

Redmayne was injured while making the film, however, it didn't happen while performing a big stunt. He visited Graham Norton's talk show last fall in an ankle brace, where he shared the hilarious story.

"You know how Tom Cruise did that thing to his ankle when he lept across a tall building?” he asked, via the Daily Mail. “Well, I was on set of a quite hardcore 'stunty' thing about two people in a hot air balloon and they had this crash mat beneath the balloon in case you fell out. I walked on to the crash mat, tripped on it and fell and sprained my ankle. Now I look like RoboCop. They told me I had to wear it and I am being obedient!"

He and Jones previously worked together on 2014's The Theory of Everything, the story of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking's relationship with wife Jane Hawking, which earned both Academy Award nominations and a win for Redmayne.

'The Aeronauts'
Amazon Studios

The Aeronauts ascends on Dec. 6.

Check out the thrilling trailer above.


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