'Am I going to start drinking more?': Plan B fears musical comeback will open him up to temptations

Emma Powell
Nerves: London-born Plan B: Brian J Ritchie/Hotsauce/Rex

Plan B has revealed he fears a return to the spotlight with new album Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose will force him to give into temptations.

The London-born star, real name Ben Drew, has been on a lengthy hiatus since releasing Mercury-nominated Ill Manors in 2012, in which time he also became a father.

Drew, 34, said he is fearful of a return to the public arena as “trying to balance and manage [family] with me having this kind of career” is “difficult”.

He told the Standard: “[Having the time out] is the reason for the name of the title ‘Heaven before all Hell Breaks Loose’. My job is to put on a show where people listen to music and drink and basically have a party. So then I’m putting myself back into that environment and the whole temptation of drinking.

Return: Plan B giving his first live performance in years last July

“I cut it down severely – I was training and dieting and looking after myself. When I go on tour – am I going to start drinking more? To finish this album I had to drink to relax because it was so stressful.

“I had to pour a brandy now and again to calm myself and one brandy turns into two because that’s how I do it.

Throwback: Plan B pictured in 2010 (Sean Gallup/Getty)

“Is this album all hell breaking loose for me? It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s chaos.”

Drew’s upcoming album was penned during the Brexit referendum which he touches on in new single Guess Again. He said although he has “never really involved [himself] in politics” he wanted to “speak my truth”.

He said: “I didn’t want to throw my hat into the ring until I felt fully informed. With Brexit none of us were properly informed. I felt we were all being scammed.

“I grew up around a lot of hustlers making money illegally. You meet a lot of con artists and scammers who want to do one over on you so what you learn is when people ask you to make a really big decision quickly without giving you any time to think, they’re usually trying to scam you.

“I had this immense feeling that we’re all going to get f***** over. Everything feels really fragile.”