'I'm back to fighting fitness': Diane Abbott says she is ready to argue for Labour again

Diane Abbott has recovered from her illness which caused her to be temporarily removed from her position in the shadow cabinet, she said.

The shadow home secretary was battling type 2 diabetes, but has it under control and has said she is ready to argue for Labour again.

She told BBC Breakfast: "I am back to fighting fitness and I'm back to representing the Labour Party in the debates and the battles to come."

Ms Abbott was removed from her position and replaced by Lyn Brown after taking part in a calamitous set of interviews which caused criticism from across the country.

In one interview with LBC Radio, she mistakenly said plans to boost police numbers by 10,000 would cost £300,000. 

Conservatives then said this showed she could not "add up".

Further embarrassing interviews followed where she stumbled over questions and appeared not to know the answers.

She said she had been ill throughout the campaign, but is now better.

Ms Abbott told the BBC: "I'm feeling a lot better.

"It took my brother to ring me up and tell me off and tell me about the importance of eating properly and glucose tablets."

When asked whether it was brought on by stress, and therefore whether she is ready to be Home Secretary, she said:  "Stress wasn't an issue, my blood sugar levels was. I am back to fighting fitness."

The Labour MP said permanently resigning was "never a consideration".

"Everyone who has type 2 diabetes knows it is a perfectly manageable condition," she added.

Profile | Diane Abbott
Profile | Diane Abbott