'Britain's fattest cat' finally finds new owner after being brought back to shelter four times

A pet cat which caused concern after reaching almost double its recommended weight has finally found a home, following four failed attempts.

Mitzi, a nine-year-old tabby, was dubbed "Britain's fattest cat " after reaching a weight of 7.7kg.

The cat gained the weight when students living near its old home gave it extra food in 2017.

Mitzi was placed on a strict diet while living at an animal shelter in Devon and now weighs 5.3kg.

But staff at the shelter have struggled to rehome the nine-year-old cat and said the animal had been "extremely unlucky".

The tabby cat was returned to the shelter on four separate occasions but has now been adopted by the family of a previous owner.

Staff caring for her said that the constant shifts in location had a negative impact on the animal.

"It's very unusual for a cat to be returned this many times but sadly she's just been so unlucky," said Helen Lecointe, manager of Woodside Animal Welfare Trust in Devon.

"It's been ever so sad for Mitzi.

"There was an owner death, a change of circumstance and one owner became very ill.

"We had offers from the US, Sweden and the Middle East, but we're so pleased that we've found an owner who already knows her and loves her.

"She's such a sweet cat. We really hope she's found her fairytale ending."

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