'Celebrity Big Brother' 2018 Line-Up Revealed, And There's No Stormy Daniels... Yet

Ash Percival

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ has kicked off its latest series with 13 brand new housemates, although there was no sign of their rumoured star signing Stormy Daniels - at least for now anyway. 

The adult film star was notably absent as presenter Emma Willis unveiled new batch of famous(ish) faces during Thursday night’s live launch show, despite reportedly signing a £750,000 deal to appear. 

However, it still looks like Stormy, who is alleged to have had an affair with US president Donald Trump in 2006, could enter at a later date, with a special show called ‘A Storm Unleashed’ set to air on Friday. 

Stormy Daniels was notably absent from the 'Celebrity Big Brother' line-up, but she could still enter

While she has denied she is appearing, Stormy’s potential arrival would also tie in with a special White House twist that was unveiled at the end of Thursday’s launch. 

Earlier in the evening, viewers of the Channel 5 reality show saw the likes of US actress Kirstie Alley, ‘Coronation Street’ actor Ryan Thomas, ‘Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo Alves and former Love Islander Gabby Allen enter the Borehamwood bungalow. 

Get to know all of the housemates a little better below...

Kirstie Alley

Age: 67

Famous for: Her role in the sitcom ‘Cheers’, in which she played the character of Rebecca Howe

Media storm: Kirstie has made headlines over the years for her fluctuating weight

She says: “I act a lot wilder and do a lot of things I wouldn’t do in the United States when I leave the country…you sort of feel uninhibited when you’re in another country, like you get a free pass to do stupid things. So I thought it sounded like a good idea to come over here and do stupid things.”

Ryan Thomas

Age: 34

Famous for: Playing Jason Grimshaw in ‘Coronation Street’

Media storm: Ryan was quite publicly made bankrupt

He says: “I’m doing ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ for a new challenge, new experiences and hopefully for people to see the real me.”

Dan Osborne

Age: 27

Famous for: Former reality star who appeared on ‘The Only Way Is Essex’. He is also known for his relationship with ex-‘EastEnders’ actress Jacqueline Jossa.

Media storm: Recordings of an argument he had with his ex partner were released in 2014, in which he threatened to stab her and he was axed from ‘TOWIE’. In June it was also reported that his wife had dumped him after learning he had cheated on her with a Miss Essex. 

He says: “It’s no secret that I’ve been through a storm in the media – the recordings of an argument that I had in a previous relationship, but if anything it’s made me a better person now.”

Gabby Allen

Age: 26

Famous for: Appearing on the third series of ‘Love Island’ where she coupled up with Marcel Somerville. 

Media storm: After it emerged Marcel had cheated on her in April, Gabby was once again at the centre of a media frenzy when reports suggested she had been romantically linked to former ‘TOWIE’ star Dan Osborne, who she will now be sharing a house with. However, both parties denied claims of an affair. 

She says: “I can’t wait for other housemates to learn about me as an individual and not in a relationship.”

Sally Morgan

Age: 66

Famous for: TV and stage psychic who says she saw her first spirit at the age of four

Media storm: She faced accusations of fakery when a report suggested she had used a hidden earpiece at one of her performances

She says: “In 2011 I went through the eye of the storm. I call it my personal tsunami.”

Rodrigo Alves

Age: 35

Famous for: Cosmetic surgery lover who calls himself The Human Ken Doll

Media storm: To date, Rodrigo has spent in excess of £500,000 to enhance and change the way he looks, including undergoing Botox, fillers, nose jobs, an eye and neck lift, calf shaping, a chin implant liposuction, a fake six-pack, facelifts and has even had ribs removed to get his ‘”ideal’ look. He nearly died after undergoing a procedure last year. 

He says: ”I am taking part as it’s the only show that is going to give me the chance to show the real me.”

Roxanne Pallett

Age: 35

Famous for: Playing the role of Jo Sugden in ‘Emmerdale’

Media storm: In July 2018 Roxanne was involved in a severe car crash

She says: “What followed the accident and the media frenzy was quite a lot of backlash online – I was trolled for not being injured enough…They absolutely contributed to a really difficult time.”

Jermaine Pennant

Age: 35

Famous for: English professional footballer who is best known for signing with Liverpool for a whopping £6.7m

Media storm: Since being in the public eye, Jermaine has hit the headlines for a number of reasons, including a drink driving ban, a stint in prison, and playing football whilst wearing a tag.

He says: “At this point of time in my career it will be great to come on the show, show people my personality, my character, try and change people’s views of me.”

Chloe Ayling

Age: 21

Famous for: Glamour model Chloe Ayling was forced into the spotlight after being kidnapped

Media storm: In 2017, Chloe was kidnapped by a man claiming to be part of a gang called ‘Black Death’. She was held captive for six days and the story hooked the nation with many questioning what really happened.

She says: “I feel the past year has been really tough with people not believing me, so this is a chance to turn it around and start a new life.”

Nick Leeson

Age: 51

Famous for: 20 years ago, he caused the collapse of Barings Bank

Media storm: During Nick’s early years at Barings he was making the company huge profits and earning bonuses of up to £150,000. In 1993 he made £10m for the company. Nick spent nine months battling the authorities and was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison for forgery and fraud.

He says: “The media storm the ensued my going on the run from Singapore is something I suppose I’m still coming to terms with today.”

Ben Jardine

Age: 37

Famous for: Appearing on ‘Married at First Sight’, where he met his future wife Stephanie

Media storm: In March 2018, it was alleged he had been kissing other women during his marriage to Stephanie

He says: “I decided to take part to put the wrongs right - I don’t want to be portrayed as a love rat anymore.”

Hardeep Singh Kohli

Age: 49

Famous for: TV and radio presenter who is also known for both his comedy and cooking

Media storm: In 2009 Hardeep hit the headlines after he was suspended for six months from ‘The One Show’ after a complaint of inappropriate behaviour from a female researcher. He immediately apologised and the matter was taken no further. 

He says: “What I’ve been through doesn’t compare to the overwhelming majority of people’s experiences. But having said that, I am an Arsenal fan, and so I know true pain.”

Natalie Nunn

Age: 33

Famous for: She found fame in 2009 on US reality show ‘Bad Girls Club’, which centred around seven wild women and their daily altercations

Media storm: She’s reportedly had romances with Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa and Rihanna’s brother, Rorrey Fenty.

She says: “Being a Bad Girl, it’s like every other day you wake up to something in the press and honestly I have learnt to adapt to it. At this point I just don’t care what they say.”