'Clash Royale' April Update 2018: New Cards, Arena, Clan Wars Mode and Other Teased Features Explained

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Last week we wrote an overview of everything you needed to know about Clash Royale’s delayed but soon-to-come April 2018 update. Though Supercell announced there would be no sneak peeks for the next update, that hasn’t stopped the official Clash Royale Twitter page from having a little fun with players, teasing unexplained ship emoji and cryptic conversations with leading YouTube Clashers. To keep you up-to-date on what is and isn’t true regarding the next Clash Royale update, we’ve compiled everything there is to know so far, including news on new cards, arenas and game modes. As more details are revealed, including a solid release date, we’ll be sure to update this post.

When Will Clash Royale April 2018 Update Release?

Supercell has not provided a solid date for the update, but since it is still on track to release this month, and most updates fall on a Monday, we predict the next update will come Monday, April 23. Again, this is our own speculation based on all the knowledge available. Once Supercell confirms a solid release date, we’ll update the post.

Are New Cards Coming In the Next Update?

Back in March, @ViiperGaming18 asked the official Clash Royale Twitter account if any new cards were coming in the April update. The Twitter account replied with “Maybe?” and a “hush” emoji. This isn’t solid proof a new card is coming, but if one does, there are a few possibilities that can be ruled out.

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clash, royale, april, 2018, update, when does it release, new, cards, clan, wars, arena, balance, changes
clash, royale, april, 2018, update, when does it release, new, cards, clan, wars, arena, balance, changes

@NickatNyte trolled Twitter with this new "leaked" card hint. Twitter

  • No New Hero Cards - Talk of Clan Wars and Hero cards has often coincided, with many assuming the two will work together somehow. Yet in a brief conversation on the official Clash Royale Discord server, Community Manager Tim Smith said Hero Cards wouldn’t be part of a Clan Wars update. Since it’s about 99.9 percent certain that this next update will include Clan Wars, don’t expect to see any new Hero cards.

  • No “Dark Mirror” Card - On Monday, YouTuber @NickAtNyte had a little fun trolling clashers with a photo that seemed to indicate the Dark Mirror card could be coming in the next update. When a clasher replied, referencing a conversation about the card in a past Radio Royale, the official Clash Royale account confirmed the card had been brought up in an earlier podcast but that “spoiler alert: it’s still dead.” We can only assume that despite @NickAtNyte’s photo, we won’t be seeing a Dark Mirror card coming to Clash Royale next update.

What Will Clan Wars Be Like? Will It Make Or Break The Game?

clash, royale, april, 2018, update, when does it release, new, cards, clan, wars, arena, balance, changes
clash, royale, april, 2018, update, when does it release, new, cards, clan, wars, arena, balance, changes

What will clan wars be like? Supercell

It’s been a solid six months since the last major update to Clash Royale. Supercell has worked hard to build hype around the upcoming Clan Wars Mode, and if Clash Royale doesn’t get this update right, it could mean the beginning of the end for the game.

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In a 30-minute video blog, Popular Clash Royale Gamers Clash With Ash, SurfnBoy and Trainer Lewis discussed their feelings about the new Clan Wars mode. While all shared concerns about a possible lack of real-time gameplay, Trainer Lewis put forth an interesting theory about how Clan Wars might work. Referencing the ship that Supercell keeps teasing, he imagines a Clan Wars mode working something like this:

“Imagine if you got on the boat and you sail around clans and dominate their lands. Every single land you take you have to protect from other clans. The more land you have/acquire, the higher your rewards are.”

The idea of acquiring and protecting lands seems to fall in line with Supercell’s description of the new rewards system set to replace Clan Chests as a more “gradual” one. Only time will tell if Trainer Lewis’s imaginings are on par with what Supercell is actually doing. So far, the only official word from Supercell about the Clan Wars mode is that it will initially be “head-to-head,” but direct Clan vs. Clan Wars will come in later updates. Additionally, the game’s official Twitter account noted that Clan Wars has been carefully planned and won’t just be a “race for crowns.”

Will a New Arena Be Announced?

Supercell has offered no indication that we are getting a new arena this update. Some old datamine leaks have recently resurfaced on Reddit, indicating a new Arena, called Atlantis, could be coming, and the name of the new Clan Wars mode could be “King of the Hill,” but there has been nothing official to indicate these will be part of the next update.

Other Clash Royale April 2018 Update Features Announced

Orange Juice released a video at the end of last month that did an awesome job of summing up other new changes that should be coming in the next Clash Royale update. They are as follows:

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  • Removal of Clan Chests - As mentioned above, Supercell announced last week that Clan Chests will leave to make way for a new rewards feature assumed to be attached to the upcoming Clan Wars Mode.

  • Balance Changes - Balance changes are guaranteed to be a part of the next update, and while Supercell hasn’t given any hints about which cards will be getting buffed or nerfed, the overriding opinion for cards needing buffs or nerfs is as follows:

    • Nerfs: Goblin Hut, Spear Goblins, Dark Prince

    • Buffs: Mini Pekka, Magic Archer, Barbarian Barrel, Mega Knight

  • No Tournament Revamp - Additionally, the company confirmed it is not working on a Cancel button and Battle confirmation.

  • Golden Chest Fix - This is on the docket for the next update, along with a Cannon Cart bug fix.

  • Permanent Mute Button

  • Supercell ID

What do you think of the upcoming Clan Wars update? Will it make or break the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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