'Dr Bumbum': Brazil plastic surgeon charged with murder after death of patient in Rio de Janeiro

Ella Wills
Brazilian celebrity surgeon Dr Denis Furtado was arrested in Rio de Janeiro last month: AP

A Brazilian celebrity plastic surgeon known as "Dr Bumbum" has been charged with murder following the death of one of his patients.

Dr Denis Furtado, 45, is said to have carried out on operation on one of his patients, Lilian Calixto, 46, to enlarge her buttocks at his home in Rio de Janeiro last month - but she fell ill during the procedure.

The bank manager died hours later and Furtado was arrested in July in the neighbourhood of Barra da Tijuca, after four days on the run.

Furtado, who amassed 650,000 Instagram followers by posting pictures of his work, allegedly used an amount of a chemical above the recommended dosage in the procedure, according to his charge sheet reported in local media.

He reportedly used 300ml of PMMA - a synthetic resin known as acrylic glass filler - during the procedure, according to the charge sheet, which said it used only "in very small doses".

The surgeon's mother, Maria de Fatima Barros, who worked with him, was also arrested (AP)

The statement said Furtado used the chemical "without minimally observing the legal duties of care inherent in the procedure, thus taking the risks arising from its conduct".

Prosecutors charged Furtado, his mother, his girlfriend and secretary Renata Fernandes, and maid with homicide, the G1 news site reported.

Furtado has amassed a large online following for his plastic surgery work.

The surgeon is known for posting before-and-after shots of buttocks procedures.

He disappeared after he dropped Ms Calixto off at the hospital and a judge issued a warrant for his arrest.

Following his arrest, Furtado told reporters he was innocent of any wrongdoing. "There was an occurrence with the patient," he said.

He also posted Instagram videos after the woman died proclaiming his innocence.