'Enders fans are ready for that Mick and Aidan showdown

Megan Davies
Photo credit: BBC

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After tonight's (March 8) outing to Albert Square, the stage is well and truly set for that final showdown between Mick Carter and Aidan Maguire on EastEnders tomorrow.

Between that drugs scandal at The Vic and the consideration of hiring a hitman to get rid of Aidan for good, Mick's plans to settle the score with the villain once and for all fell apart after both Billy and Vincent backed out of helping him (mainly due to more threats from Aidan).

With no other option, the Carters prepared to leave the Vic and Walford, only for Mick to lie to Linda at the very end and double back on himself, ending up back at the pub and waiting for his big confrontation with Aidan.

Photo credit: BBC

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EastEnders fans are very excited that all of this will be coming to a head very, very soon: