'Good Morning Britain' Guest Brands Piers Morgan An 'Idiot' For Not Knowing His Facts

Daniel Welsh

Piers Morgan was branded an “idiot” by ’Good Morning Britain’ guest Ash Sarkar on Thursday, who felt the presenter hadn’t done his research.

During the show, Piers attempted to chair a debate about the protests against Donald Trump’s UK visit, which Ash had been invited to take part in, alongside journalist Andre Walker.

However, Ash wasn’t given much time to speak, as halfway through explaining why she’ll be demonstrating, Piers cut in to accuse protesters of hypocrisy and anti-Trump bias.

Ash explained: “I’ll be marching in Westminster tomorrow, alongside thousands of other people who found the policy of border patrol unconscionable, who think that the sight of our elected Prime Minister holding Trump’s hand an utter embarrassment…”

The 'Good Morning Britain' debate around anti-Trump protests

Viewers didn’t get to hear Ash’s next point, as Piers cut in to question whether she’d taken issues with Barack Obama’s policies on the same matter, to which she said: “Yes I did. And that’s why I also…”

This, again, was an unfinished sentence, as Piers fired back with “Where was your protest march against that when he came to the country?”, accusing his guest of “double standards”.

Ash then told Piers she would encourage him to “check out some of the other work she’s done” in which she’d been “intensely critical of”... well, we don’t know what she was “intensely critical of”, actually, because she was once again interrupted, this time accused of not knowing “basic facts” about her “hero”, Barack Obama.

“He’s not my hero!” Ash insisted. “I’m a Communist, you idiot.”

Ash Sarkar on 'GMB'

To laughs from the others in the studio, she added: “Jesus… have you ever considered [not] straw-manning your guests to make up for your incompetence as a journalist?

“You didn’t hold Trump adequately to account when you interviewed him, you didn’t think that climate change was important enough to bring up because you thought you’d ask him to manage your favourite football team, it’s embarrassing.”

As Piers protested, Ash continued, unfazed: “Instead, what you’ve done is strawman your guest, put words into my mouth and deflected from the actual argument at hand.”

Piers Morgan

Towards the end of the debate, Piers once again accused his guest of being “relentlessly anti-Trump” and “pro-somebody like Obama”, prompting yet another reminder of: “I’m not pro-Obama. I’ve been a critic of Obama. I’ve been a critic of the Democratic party. I’m literally a Communist.”

The host was left similarly red-faced during an interview last month, in which his attempts to show up ‘Love Island’ contestant Hayley Hughes’ intelligence wound up backfiring on him.

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