'Government from hell': Brian Eno releases song attacking Tories over NHS

Ben Beaumont-Thomas
Photograph: Sarah Lee/The Guardian

Brian Eno has released a new song that castigates the Tories – described as “the government from hell” – over the NHS, Brexit, homelessness and more, ahead of Thursday’s general election.

Everything’s On the Up With the Tories is a jaunty number that sarcastically celebrates the Conservative government. One lyric rhymes Tories with “the gap between the rich and the poor-ies”; another is a direct attack on the party’s management of the NHS: “They’re selling off the NHS to cowboys / they’re cutting back on nurses but investing it in hearses / the nitwits and the we-don’t-have-a-clue boys.”

The song fears for “a few more years of Brexit purgatory” and another line complains “there’s people on the street without a bloody crust to eat”. Proceeds from the song will go to homeless charities.

Eno, celebrated for classic solo albums as well as his work with Roxy Music and production for Coldplay, U2 and more, is often outspoken on political issues. He supports a cultural boycott of Israel over their occupation of Palestinian territories, and is the president of the Stop the War Coalition.

He has publicly supported Jeremy Corbyn as far back as 2015, celebrating “a British politician speaking without a carefully pored-over PR briefing sheet, speaking with passion and confidence and courage from a set of deeply rooted beliefs and a great deal of personal experience”. He recently co-signed two open letters backing Corbyn and Labour ahead of the general election.

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