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‘Russian authorities must be held to account on the basis of the evidence, and our response must be both decisive and proportionate’ says Jeremy Corbyn. Photograph: Owen Humphreys/PA

Jeremy Corbyn’s piece on the need for firm multilateral action to ensure the Salisbury spy poisonings never happens again, predictably, got readers talking.

British consumers being in the dark about exactly what household waste they can recycle, and Sonia Sodha’s piece on reassessing the true value of university degrees.

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The Salisbury attack was appalling. But we must avoid a drift to conflict

Leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn, says it is not a time for hasty judgments on the Salisbury attack that could lead to a new cold war.

‘For once I think the government got it right’

Where is the justice for the victims of Putin’s regime? The problem with waiting for all the evidence to be placed neatly in a row is that by the time the final judgement comes, years later, no bobody wants to take action as politics has moved on. For once I think the government got it right in taking firm action right away.

We all know it’s a bit of posturing to hopefully reduce the chance of this happening again and will be forgotten soon enough, not the start of cold war2 or ww3, let’s not be over dramatic. However the time to call out the criminal is now, not once he dies of old age.

‘Corbyn knows his stuff and is coming over as a true leader’

Corbyn seems like the only true statesman that we have. But the Tories and the press they serve would have us believe the opposite as they cast around for May’s Falklands moment.

But Corbyn knows his stuff and is coming over as a true leader.

‘I know which one I like’

The difference between Theresa May and JC.

Theresa May – make a lot of noises, blame quickly, don’t bother with evidence, take some superficial action, job done, face in the papers few days, Brexit out of the mind for a week, move on.

JC – condemn the act and promise retribution, let the investigators do their job, get international agencies involved, make this action plan known to all, find the root cause and identify the perpetrators, punish them deeply and effectively no matter who did it. Job done.

I know which one I like.

Dirty kitchen roll among things Britons wrongly think they can recycle

British consumers are in the dark about exactly what household waste they can recycle, a new poll has revealed, with plastic soap dispenser tops, dirty kitchen roll and wrapping paper topping the list of things they wrongly consider recyclable.

‘I often feel like I’m wasting my time’

The thing is of course, that even if one household recycles correctly, next door could be hiding any old crap in the recycling bin, and by the time it gets back to the depot, the whole collected batch is ruined.

Plastics seem to cause some confusion – Sheffield doesn’t have a doorstep collection for plastics (not in S14 anyway) so mine go in the bin, but I believe the best way to sort them is to run a strict policy of bottles only – not even the lids, which are often made of different stuff. The ‘triangle’ classification system which appears on most bottles and other plastic detritus helps a bit because you can find it online, but the symbols are often either so tiny one cannot read them, or completely absent. I run an ‘If in doubt, bin it’ system, but considering that some of the lovely people who share our cul-de-sac put polystyrene in the paper and card bin, I often feel like I’m wasting my time.
Liveware Problem

‘It is not always clear what is recyclable and what is not’

People/households need to get smarter with recycling, but frankly county/city waste schemes vary markedly making it confusing for people who move about or visit other places regularly, and the recyclers need to be better prepared to accept and sift through materials that people deposit as it is not always clear what is recyclable and what is not. It doesn’t surprise me about millennials: never experienced a generation in my life speaking so worthily and acting so thoughtlessly - a massive generalism I know, so I apologise to those that are not, but still, the attitude among them is prevalent.

Is your university degree barely worth the paper it’s written on? Discuss

Sonia Sodha says we’re constantly told university education is a good thing. But with tuition fees so high, she says it’s time its true value was measured.

‘There is no way they can run a profitable and competitive post-Brexit business’

I am in two minds, one son has been down the A Level, Russell Group University route and is now after a brief period picking litter in the lanes around a landfill site tunneling with a large construction company. To do what he wanted he needed a degree but looking at his statement he has £46k of loans to pay off.

The other probably brighter was offered an engineering apprenticeship at the end of his school work experience week. He has grown in stature, been coded in most welding techniques, complete his HNC, is doing his HND and can go on to get a degree. He is now at 20 in the management team working up the final designs, having paid for him do all the Solidworks CAD courses. He has no debt.

‘If courses benefit the economy they should be free’

If courses benefit the economy they should be free. Get rid of all the limitless courses what do nothing to boost employment. Student have been told for years everyone has to go to uni. There should be more vocational courses to get people ready for the work place. Not everyone just going cos it’s the in thing to do.

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